High-efficiency self-charge e-bike

  • The best self-charging solution thus far uses regenerative braking technology, with 10% efficiency. In other words, a 40KM trip per charge only increases to 44km. Not good enough.
  • This startup uses unique space vector technology - charging not only while braking, but also while sliding in motion. Can achieve 200km on a single charge with slopes up to 26 degrees.

The highest energy-density supercapacitor in the world.

  • With its secret carbon powder formula, can achieve much higher surface density and voltage purity than the current best solution.
  • Thus, with just 8% cost increase can lead to 200% performance increase
  • Will revolutionize the battery world when it takes over Li-ion and lead acid batteries.

100% organic substitute for pesticides

作物種類 效果
菸草 原產量480斤/畝,提升至620斤/畝,增產約30%,品質口感佳,減少辛辣味
西洋參 每年死亡率高達50%,主要是線蟲及根腐病,使用後,死亡率降為10~20%
嶗山茶 通過PONY檢測:無農藥殘留
丹參 增產至4000斤/畝,單株重1.72斤,丹參酮0.4%
草莓 植株健康、表光亮、甜度10度vs15度、無農藥殘留
葡萄 抗逆境(多天大雨)、甜度達22度、壓秤
大棚蔬菜 無藥殘、表光亮、壓秤、增大、增重、增產
蘋果 表光亮、壓秤、每箱增重10%
櫻桃 表光亮、增大、增重

3D medical grade collagen

Greater burdock - the first health food to protect the gastric mucosa

  • Burdock helps relief for gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux, Helicobacter pylori, lowering of blood sugar, and weight loss.
  • Multiple patents in Taiwan, China, USA, Japan.
  • Merged with GMP pharmaceutical factory to lower production costs.

Burdock & Antrodia cinnamomea health food and botanical drug

  • Exclusive "culture" methodology for Antrodia cinnamomea advanced cultivation
  • Patent extraction technology to enhance the active ingredient of triterpenoids 6 times
  • Developing a new drug for the inhibition of uterine fibroids

1-hour compost organic waste treatment

  • Patented process can turn waste into organic compost within 1 hour. 100% environmental friendly
  • This technology will not only prevent secondary pollution, will also produce high-quality organic fertilizer: a breakthrough green revolution
  • 3 profit sources: Raw materials, products, and production line output
  • Achieved processing capacity of 100 tons / day.

Recycling & reuse of waste tires materials

Medical grade PVC compound - environment friendly

  • With production of Non-Phthalate plasticizer technology but also access to medical-grade PVC formulations and compounding technology, it is one of the few medical grade PVC compounders to achieve vertical integration.
材料別 主要用途 市場優勢 製造 配方 認證 買賣行銷
PVC(聚氯乙烯) 各類耗材管類、袋類、射出零件用料 有良好的耐化學藥品性、力學性能和電性能, 容易加工、價格便宜、市占率最高 v v v v
PP (聚丙烯) 廣泛用於針筒 無毒害、化學穩定性/物性好、不降解、不引起炎症/過敏、生物相溶性好、不致癌、不引起溶血和凝血等硬質性射出件最佳用料、價格便宜     v v
PE (聚乙烯) 導管 可分為低密度、高密度聚乙烯和超高分子量聚乙烯。低密度聚乙烯的主要應用是心導管,而超高分子量聚乙烯的應用是骨折固定板、人工關節等     v v
PC 醫用套管組耗材 透明度佳     v v
TPE(熱塑性談性體) 醫用管類及套管組耗材 可塑性高、無毒、環保、生物相容性媲Silicone, 價格是Silicone的50%, 市場後市看好   v v v
TPU(熱塑型聚氨酯) 醫用導管類耗材 良好的弹性和耐磨性可塑性高、取代天然橡膠   v v v
Silicone(矽膠) 高階、侵入性醫用耗材用料 生物相容性最佳,弹性和&可塑性高     v v

Flexible substrate component solution

  • Flexible AMOLED screens demand on the increase: est. $12B USD by 2018,$18B USD by 2020, but there exists a big tech obstacle: Poor alignment accuracy, cannot withstand high temperature, non-uniform surface after removal.
  • Its FlexUP technology:alignment accuracy within 1𝓊m、can withstand up to 450oC、easy removal with uniform surface
  • Global RD100 award, garnered global attention.